Unlock The Magic Of Christmas

Unlock the Magic of Christmas

Traditionally, Santa makes his way into people’s homes to deliver gifts to all the good girls and boys by climbing down the chimney, but what if your home does not have one? This can cause some distress for little ones wondering just how the big man himself is going to pay them a visit on Christmas Eve.

Unlock the magic of Christmas with a personalised Santa’s Magic Key.  Santa can now have a key of his own to your house! When there is no chimney in sight, he can simply let himself in through the front door with his big, red bag full of gifts.

Alongside cookies, milk, and veggies for the reindeer, Santa’s Magic Key can be left out for Santa to retrieve and use. With it, he can quietly slip in, leave his gifts, and go about his way to the next house on his list.

Small, inexpensive, and fitting right in with your festive Christmas décor, the key is made from premium glitter acrylic. It is laser cut to look just like a real home key. Attached to the key is a wooden tag made from FSC certified bamboo that can be personalized with your children’s names alongside a special Christmas message to Santa.

Santa’s Magic Key is durable, so it can be left in a letterbox, under the mat, or hanging outside of the door so Santa has it when he drops by. Your little ones will love finding creative hiding places for Santa’s Magic Key, and it is the perfect way to cap off Christmas Eve night before settling in for bed. After enjoying some hot chocolate, reading a Christmas story, and putting on festive pyjamas, they will be thrilled to leave the key outside for Santa as they wait for his much-anticipated arrival.

These magic Christmas traditions your little ones love now will grow into the very same Christmas traditions they share with their own children when they grow up. Santa’s Magic Key is meant to bring extra excitement this Christmas to all who may not have a chimney for Santa to come through. Children can ensure that Santa will be able to deliver their gifts without any obstacles in his way. After Santa makes his visit, the key can be hidden on the Christmas tree or somewhere in the house, and your little ones may be encouraged to find it so Santa can use it again next year.