Bamboo Mum

Bamboo Mums Are Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly factor of bamboo is what makes it a big favourite of today’s Bamboo Mums. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and its growth is highly sustainable. In just 3 to 4 months, a bamboo plant can reach full height, which is something that most trees take decades to do. Bamboo doesn’t just offer an eco-friendly effect in growth and harvesting, but also in disposal as well. Bamboo has the nickname “green steel” for a reason, and that’s due to its strength and durability. This characteristic is retained when creating fabrics and home goods, so your Bamboo Mums favourites are built to last. With unparalleled longevity, fewer items wind up in local landfills.

Bamboo Mums can take care of their bamboo products simply. Bamboo fabrics like bed sheets, socks, blankets, and towels, need to be washed cold and tumble dried low. After all, it’s never an inconvenience to keep your Bamboo Mum products looking and feeling their best. For bamboo diffusers, cutlery sets, cups, and other bamboo wood items, a simple wipe with a wet cloth or hand wash is all that’s needed to keep products clean, vibrant, and durable.

Today’s bamboo mums have more options than ever when it comes to getting exactly what you need. All while keeping your carbon footprint at a minimum. We have the best fabrics and products you’ve always wanted. Providing peace of mind that you’re doing the very best for your family and the environment.