Bamboo Kids

When it comes to play, you need not worry about how you’re contributing to pollution and landfills as your children grow out of their favourite playthings, and you know these are the toys that can be passed down through generations.

Bamboo Kids isn’t just about toys, but towels, socks, and more delightfully soft fabrics. Bamboo based fabrics for Bamboo Kids are gentle on the skin, simple to keep clean, naturally hypoallergenic, and ecologically conscious from creation to eventual disposal. For mums and dads who want to do right for their little ones and the planet at the same time, there’s no better choice than bamboo.

In the form of a fabric, bamboo is softer than the finest cottons. It feels more like a type of light cashmere to the touch. This allows bamboo fabrics to not just feel great, but look great as well. It gives a perfect drape and comfortable wear all throughout the day. Bamboo kids products are made using sustainable bamboo, which grows naturally to great heights over a short period of time. This helps to promote a healthy resource to harvest instead of the deforestation necessary to create toys and fabrics out of other types of wood.

Bamboo kids products are built for look, quality, eco-consciousness, and usability. Little ones keep their favourite pyjamas, sheets, towels, toys, personal care products, linen, dinnerware and more. With a longer well-loved life, this gives mums and dads peace of mind. After all, they’re doing the very best for their adventurous little ones.