Bamboo Baby

Bamboo Baby clothes are softer than traditional cotton.  They’re less likely to expose baby’s delicate skin to chemicals and dyes, and they’re naturally hypoallergenic. Baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and Bamboo Baby fabrics ensure that your little one’s clothes, toys, and swaddles are made just for them.

For families that prioritise eco-sustainability, it doesn’t get much better than bamboo. Bamboo is a naturally regenerative tropical grass. It features an extensive root system that can grow up to 6 new shoots every single year. Some bamboo species growing as much as 90 centimetres in a single day and full harvests occurring every 3 to 4 years. Bamboo doesn’t require chemical pesticides or fertilisers. It’s biodegradable, so the impact on the earth is kept minimal from beginning to end of production and beyond.

Bamboo fabrics are softer than the softest cotton fabrics, and they have a feel similar to silk or cashmere. Unlike silk and cashmere, however, they’re highly durable and perfect for busy bamboo babies who have a lot of play and exploring to do! On top of being soft and hypoallergenic, bamboo fabrics are excellent at temperature regulation, and they’re naturally UV protective.

Whether swaddled up in a bamboo swaddle wrap or drying off with a bamboo towel after getting squeaky clean in the tub, your baby feels nothing but delicate softness against their skin. Meanwhile, as a parent, you know that you’re doing the very best for your baby and the world around you.